We have moved!

Our new website is now at www.faithandthought.org (just like the old address but without the .uk at the end!)

Please come over and let me know what you think about the new layout


'Faith and Thought' is the working name of the Victoria Institute.

Since 1865, this has been a forum for those who wish to hold together Christian faith and advances in scientific knowledge. We seek to communicate these issues to the non-specialist.

We publish two journals. Faith&Thought seeks to convey to non-specialists the pastoral and ethical implications of advances in science. It also contains the text of lectures in our annual symposium and the winning essay of our prize essay competition. A few back issues are available to order here .

Science and Christian Belief is published jointly with Christians in Science.

Officers must be evangelical Christians, but membership is open to those of all faiths or none.

Find out more about becoming a member here (subscription starts at just £9 per year).

Get Published in Faith&Thought Journal

Have you written an article relating Science and Christian Faith which might be suitable for publication?  Have you read a book  which you would like to review for the journal?   Submissions are invited to the editor via the administrator at   drapkerry@gmail.com

OPEN SYMPOSIUM - 14th October 2017

Last year's symposium was on the topic of 'What Survives Death' - click here to link to the symposium page with MP3s of the talks to download.

OPEN SYMPOSIUM - 18th October 2014

The four talks from the popular 2014 symposium on Homosexuality are available to download as MP3s or watch as Youtube videos HERE

Earlier Symposia - you can find resources HERE

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