Victoria Institute 2020

The Victoria Institution is a memorial school partly financed by public subsidies and intended as a permanent memorial to Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. The school, widely known as the VI, was originally intended to become a Victoria institution, but the name was changed after students at Victoria College protested. The students of the […]

Faith And Thought

We may behave as if we were criticising the existence of God, or even the nature of his existence and even his nature as a person, but this is probably only an inadequate idea. The conditions of permissible faith and venture do not exclude faith in God, for God is a man, not a God […]

Faith And Thought Symposium

Christian leaders shared how they see God working in the marketplace and how they can live out their faith at work. The “Create” theme builds on NGU’s mission to honor God by transforming students into innovative thinkers and entrepreneurial problem solvers by creating values that lead to human prosperity. Faith and Work in Business Symposium […]

Victoria Institute

The disciplinary system of the prefect was first established traditionally in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in response to the rise of the Catholic Church in Europe. The VI also houses the Victoria Scout Group, which bears the name of one of Victoria’s oldest and most successful youth organisations. The VI has a […]